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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 physcoanalysis of Adolf Hitler left in hard times -left in hard times, hitler had pointed to when he first had cultivated his antisemitism in these years.(a&e). -after the death of his brother edmund, hitler becamedetached and away from everyone (a&e). -hitler had other dreams that were good, yet he was rejected more than once, leading him to give up(hoffman). -hitler had tried to apply for a fine arts academy twice and rejected twice leaving him to live in a homeless shelter due to no money(a&e). double click to change this title text! Troubled Childhood -hitlr never really got along with his father. his father did not like hitler's interest in fine arts, he didnt like the idea of artinstead of bussiness (a&e). -the death of alois came soon in 1903 and Hitler's mother didn't care as much, allowing Hitler to leave school and soon moving (a&e). the start of hatred -Hitler applied to serve in the German army, even though he was a Austrian citizen he was still accepted.(a&e). -hitler became more and more adapted to anit-senitic, nationalist and anti-marxistideas soon joined the DAP. (a&e). -hitler wasnt always powerful, people called him namesto insult him (hoffman). -hitler was freed about nine months after his trial, He left prison in December 1924 (hoffman). -no one is quite sure why he develouped hatred,, yet he had become very attachedto his country and thought only they were better (hoffman). -hitler himself had designed the party banner, with the swastika in a white circle.(a&e). Works citedHoffman, Peter. Hitler, Adolf. World Book Student. World book, 2015. Web.16 Jan.2015Zapotoczny, Jr., Walter S. Hitler Youth. World Book Student. World Book, 2015. Web. 16 Jan. 2015.A & E television network LLC. Adolf Hitler Biography . 2015. web. 23 January 2015. KARITZA RANGEL
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