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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Physical Development The Adolescent Years * Puberty hits.* Major changes to height.*Major changes to weight.* Hormones are highly active.* May sleep more. Red Flags * Vision impairments.* Hearing impairments.* Trouble with physical activity.* Puberty doesn't seem to hit.* Involentary muscle movements. Cognitive Development * Capacity for abstract thinking.* Think in complex ways.* Question authority.* Analyze things intensively.* Think far into future. Red Flags Social/Emotional Development * Development of Identity.* Social independence.* Have the need to fit in.* May become self-centered.* Rapid and fluctuating emotions. Language Development * Understands figurative language.* Understands sarcasm.* Writing skills are improved.* Use speech to express themselves.* Uses slang. Red Flags * Lying.* Intense sadness.* Regular drug abuse.* Self-harm.* extemely unsocialable. * Trouble putting thoughts into words.* Forgetting what they are wanting to say.* Major struggles in school.* Panic when asked questions.* Memory loss. * Short sentences.* Broken sentences.* Excessive Inappropriate language.* Loss of speech.* Mumbling. Red Flags Promoting Development Promoting Development Promoting Development Promoting Development * Encourage exercise.* Teach healthy habits.* Educate them on the changes they're going through.* Educate them on fun ways to exercise.* Discourage drug and alcohol use. * Compliment attributes.* Involve them in a group or organization.* Encourage family time.* Actively listen.* Teach that mistakes are okay. * Practice public speaking.* Integrate language skills in all lessons. * Focus on vocabulary development. * Encourage native language.* Include technology. * Let them explain their reasoning behind decisions.* Help explore future goals.* Teach cause and effect.* Be patient. * Teach decsion making skills.
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