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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 immigration in the centuries immigration in the centuries In 1880-1920 most immigrant come to the United States The most major reasons why immigrants came to United States werefor great economic opportunities andreligious freedom The highest number of immigrant came from Northern & Western Europe(Irish and German) and the language that they could spokewere native tongue andsome could spoke english Immigrants jobs were farming and factory work,those jobs were more common in immigrants that came to United States double click to change this header text! Old immigration brought morethan 2,000 Irish and German, and after war almost 11.6 to 6.9% came to United States.1.3 million enter legally, and about 300,000 enter illegally.86% were Europeans, 4% were from Asia,3% Latin American, and 1% were from other. My experience was a lot different than others that immigrated to U.S.I came by airplane and legally I didn't have to pass all those thing that others were expose to, like walking 10 days or even more than that to cross the US border. I didn't have to take care or worried if I didn't have food or if i would still alive. Immigrants in this century were having hard time, because of the language barrio and travel that it takes to come to the U.S.Some immigrants were not allowed to stay in the U.S, because they were sick or didn't have money. They should to be in good condition to be allowed to stay.Immigrants travel to U.S for many reason, some because of economy condition and other, because of violence in their country.nowadays immigration have change a lot, most people travel here by different ways and its more easy then it was in the past. however, these days many kids are traveling by themselves and in the past most of adult were traveling to U.S.In the past most immigrants were coming from northern and western Europe ( Spain, Irish,German ) and also from Asia, but now they come from all over the world.
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