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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Effect of Drug Abuse on Family Effect of Drug Abuse on Family Treatment, C. (n.d.). Impact of Substance Abuse on Families. Retrieved January 3, 2015, from Drug Abuse Hurts Families. (n.d.). Retrieved January 3, 2015, from Drug abuse causes a person towithdraw from their family and neglect their parental duties; children can feel like they are missing a parent.Children may be forced to grow upquicker and be forced to learn thingshow to take care of themselves, sincetheir parents has not done so. One person's drug addiction mayput financial stress on their partner.The money they make is puttowards their addiction, but thepartner has to take on the financialrole of both people to support them.The partner makes sure that bills arepaid and that there is food on thetable, while the abuser is completelyfocused on feeding their addiction, notthemselves. A woman's use of drugs and alcohol during pregnancymay cause birth defects such as fetal alcohol syndrome,low birth weight, and sexually transmitted diseases.While low birth weight may only affect a child as a baby,fetal alcohol syndrome and sexually transmitted diseaseswill affect a child throughout his entire life. Many have alsoused the term "crack baby" to describe a child who wasborn to a mother that abused crack cocaine; there is a higherrisk of miscarriage and of the baby developing permanentbrain damage. What is a Crack Baby? Crack Baby Syndrome & Symptoms - Drug-Free World. (n.d.). Retrieved January 3, 2015 from Andrea Johnson Family members of the abuser may feelembarrassed or ashamed. They may feelas if people are judging them for howsomeone else in their family chooses tolive their life. They can also feel guilty foreither being the cause of the addictionor not being able to help the person getover the addiction. These intense emotionscan become stressful to deal with forsomeone who is living with an abuser.
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