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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Microworlds Microworld are small living thingsthat infect you.For example because of micrworld are small world.for example you can sees small beteria and sees small thing. Observation are base on can your fivesense to describe by a apple.It round and red. Micrworlds observation That you can see,feel,hear,touch,and smell.dYou use abverb (discribing word.)to help you discribe something If you use details and your five senses you can understand what they are talking about Observation Candida Albican 1:iandida Albicanb become an infection a get when there is some change in the bodyenironment allows to grow. 2: Most controlof the time ,candida albican infection on mouth,skinoccur for no apparent reasso 3: A common cause of infection maybe the use of antibiotes that destory betercia Bacteria are organisms with only one cell Bacteria Mold are fungi that can be found outdoor and inside. For example because you can get mold on anything Mold Virus are gemre that speare all over the place . For example they can spaers man place. Virus Fungi have long been part of ourdiet as mushroom but are also use in baking and brewing.For example fungi can be used in breadthat you eat. Fungi Magnification mean to make objectbigger.For example you can seemany things. Magnificantion Manifiying an object make them look bigger object. Curving inward,make object appear smaller. Magnifiers can help you in many way by help yo see little thingthat people can't see.I can see little thing that move in move any kind I things because if youcan't see things that we can't see. Magnifiers Abigail Aguilar 204
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