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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 P -Family decides to go on a trip to Florida. (Grandmother, Bailey, Bailey's Wife and their three children.)-Grandmother insists on going to Tennesseebecause a group of men called the "Misfits" are headed towards Florida.-The grandmother hides the cat-They're driving and she realizes that a plantation she used to go to is nearby.-She leads the family into the wrong directionand she realizes that the plantation is in Georgia not Tennessee. -Car crash-A car stops because they called for help-They are the Misfits.-They took the family into the forest and killedeach one of them at a time.-Talks about religion-The grandmother calls the Misfit "one of my children" and touches his shoulder.-She gets shot three times. THEME The difficulty in understanding what the term"good" actually means.In this story, the grandmother overuses the adjective "good." Sheuses it when theres a benefit for a person rather than if a personis kindhearted/has goodintentions. SETTING Mostly takes place in Tennessee.The grandmothers flashback was in Georgia. SO WHY SHOULD WE CARE...? WHAT? This is important for us as literate humans to care about this story because itprovides insight. We can see the grandmother's personality and her opinionthroughout this stor Also, religion is mentioned several times in this story, which shows you how daily choices and opinions are affected by religion.For example, when the Misfit was reflecting upon himself and all the mistakes he had committed, the grandmother tells him to pray.Also, a lot of symbolism is used in this story. For example, the grandmother put on a hat before she left to make sure that if they had an accident, she would be recognized as a woman. When they get into an accident, her fatfalls apart. Also when she is talking with the Misfit, her hat brim falls off. Herown conception of herself being a lady, falls off as well. Flannery O'Conner L O T A Good Is Hard to
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