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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 AMERICAS VS. VS. OCEANIA Kriszten Szakal &Emilia Missing 1) semi-sedentary civilizations2) main agriculture: corn/maize, squash, sunflower, artichoke3) More taken advantage of: due to large quantities of incentives like gold/silver, spread of religion, glory, and new raw goods4) organized labor systems: tribunal system, mandatory labor Economic AMERICAS Political 1) Isolated from West2) even less advanced than New World due to lack of necessary raw materials3) trade centers: e.g. Malacca4) consisted of many islands: Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Hawaiian Islands5) limited centralizations: headed by chiefs, thought to be the buffer state between humans and god 1) lacked cereal grains: no food surpluses2) no work animals3) not many specialists, spent too much time feed families4) no metallurgy5) Hunter-Gatherer society6) trade work emerged between the islands Economic Economic & Political similarities Aztec Empire Papua New Guinea Political:1) specialization made hard because of lack of food surpluses2) no metallurgy Economic:1) crops lacked protein, couldn't be stored, and took longer to grow: couldn't support large populations2) had sweet potatoes - Europeans felt superior to both civilizations- had unique crops and animals- were isolated from the Western technologies until exploration Similarities:1) Both were isolated2) Slower to develop3) Not going to be as exposed to Western animals Limitations - slower to develop: more easily taken advantage of- isolated from West: no work animals like horses or cattle -no wheat Differences:1) Americas are continents with diverse climates and a larger area2) Oceania is made up of islands with a tropical climate Political:1) could retain surpluses of food, able to support more people2) specialization of labors occurred earlier 3) conquered by Cortez, from SpainEconomic:1) larger incentives caused colonization by Western Europe: enslaved2) had corn, a cereal grain OCEANIA 1) organized in nomadic tribes in order to be closer to their food source2) the Olmecs were the first civilization in Meso-America; they had a hierarchical system3) Teotihuacan was the first major urban area, located in the Valley of Mexico4) Loose confederation of City-States, independent but connected by a trade network5) Aztec and Inca Empires were monarchies with centralized government. Political
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