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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ITEM NO. 004 ABORTION PRO-LIFEPRO-CHOICE The deliberate termination of a human pregnancy ITEM NO. 001 ITEM NO. 002 ITEM NO. 003 ITEM NO. 005 Why women have a Abortions (Pro-Choice) PRO-LIFEPro-Life is an organization against the idea of abortion.Individuals that are Pro-Life have a strong belief in religion,politics and the science of the human form."The Human Life begins at conception, this is a fact of biology"They believe that the human fetus is indeed an individual human because of the fact that it isn't joined with the mothers body."Poverty, Rape, Disability or "Unwantedness" does not justify abortion Can't Afford a Child Interference of life Rape Cases Black Other Fear of Single Parenting 4% 34% 62% >4% 36% U.S Abortions China White Hispanic White 30% Abortion Race by Race MY-CHOICEAbortion isn't ethically nor legally correct. In the abortion process the fetuses' body is disfigured and broken down killing the unborn child. Although the fetus is not birthed, it has a heart beat in the womb.The Fetus heart beat primarily begins to form around 5-6 weeks.The fetus is considered a human at conception but it is doubtless that once the heart begins to beat the child is human.The percentage that women commit to an abortion during that week span is more than 30%.So isn't that technically "killing" the child? KILLED Over 3,000 abortions a day Save A Life PRO-CHOICEPro-Choice is an organization in which people believe that it should be the womans'choice to abort her unborn child.Reasoning for abortion are controversial in the community because they go against some religions and some feel that its against the lawPro-Choicers don't consider a fetus a "human being" until it is released from the womb."Why should a woman give birth to an unwanted child?""How can you tell a woman what to do with her own body?" 25% 9% When Do You Think The Human Life Begins? Fetuses are human Decrease Death GET HELP Pro-Life STOP 90%
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