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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Obesity v Foreign Aid $47 Billion $19 Trillion Official Development Assistance Aidgiven by America in 2011 was 30billion, Australia gave 4 billion and the UK 13 billion Total GDP of USA, UK & Australia in 2011? $700 Billion 0.25% contributed to Aid vs 1.03% spent on Obesity 160-190 billion is spent on directcosts attributed to obesity everyyear in the USA. A further 450billion on indirect costs. Australia allocated 58 billion (1.5direct) and the UK a conservativeestimate of 4 billion direct. It costs 12c for medicines that prevent half of all malaria deaths Average monthly costs of Type 2 diabetes treatment is $331 40 billion dollars of food is thrown away annually Nearly 1 billion people are starving Over 60% of adults in USA, UK & Aus are overweight Preventable Type 2 diabetes account for 90% of diabetes cases Mosquito bed nets cost $4 - preventing up to 1 million malaria deaths Millions of women walking 6km for water.Children walking up to 18km to get to school.Men walking hours to work or to collect firewood. 5 million children <5 will die of undernutrition this year HIV/AIDS anti-retroviral drugs costs $140 per person per year Gastric banding or bypass costs between $15,000-30,000 per surgery $61 billion is spent in the US on weight loss and is increasing 74 billion dollars was spenton gaming whilst 101 millionchildren do not have access to the basic right of education US hospitals are replacingwall mounted toilets withfloor models to supportobese patients. people (nearly 40% of theworld) do not have accessto a toilet 3 billion 92% of Australian homes own at leastone vehicle. The average cost of a carsold in America is $28,400 vs Sources: Reuters // ABS // OECD // IMF // ONE // UNICEF // Gartner // World Vision // Market Research Designed by JourneysintheCloud
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