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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Food in the world Transportation in the world Are all the objects hand things in the world all the same?a All By Juan Ramirez Not all of the objects are the same! Places in the world Animals in the world Music and culture in the world All the animals in the world are super different and they are all located in different locations.They can be different colors and shapes. The transportation around the world is reallydifferent from the other types of transportation somewhere else.So in some countries the steeringwheel is on the opposite side of the drivers side in the U.S.A. Not all of the food in the world are the same and they especially do not that the same as we think.So if you go to an Asian country the food will be very different from the food in Europe. Some of the places in the world like the U.S,A try to make a replica of famous countries like in San Francisco;there is also a place called china town and they might be trying to help people from getting home sick,but the problem is that the copied countries will never the same as the original country. Jesus inRio De Janeir,Brazil Gladiator Arena in Rome,Italy Eiffel Tower inParis,France Food and Drinks that weall might like examples:Cheese,Crackers,andany type of drink. Flamingo found mostly in Florida,U.S.A Elephants are in Africa and the Amazon Rain forest Rabbits come in the colors of black,grey,white,and brown.Theyare beautiful creatures in my opinion. London BusBullet train from JapanVolkswagen froM Germany The guitar is representing hispanic music;while the violin is representing classical music,and thebongos are representingCaribbean music. Tuesday,February 5,2013 double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. The Music and culture is very different from other places in the world and it might be different from you and your friend's music and culture.So if youwere going to a new place in the world you could be showing them a new thing that they have never heard of and they would kind of like the idea of learning new things.
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