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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Sherbet Origin land: IndiaImpact on producing SugarWater pollution, Air pollution Soil degradation, Biodiverstiy,and Excessive water comsumption Ways that sherbet impacts the rest of the world Origin land: SouthEast AsiaImpact on Collecting product Citric acid is in the category of pesticide. It degrades readily when in contact with a variety of microorganisms. It inspired ice creamThe hormones they inject into female cows to make them develop faster are in the ice cream therefore it affects the female and male hormonal system.This affect is mainly happening on 8, 9, and 10 year old girls walking aroundwith fully developed breast and buttocks, something you didn't see in the 1050s,1960s, and earlier 1970s Origin land: EuropeThe impact of collecting lotus bean gum is it takes a huge amount of energy to transport it from Europe and then to all the factoriesacross the U.S.Cars and planes burn gasoline/fuelwhich releases Co2 in the atmosphereincreasing our chanceof global warming and acidlevel in the ocean. Origin land: EuropeThe impact of producingmilk and cream isthat farmers have to make room for cows which can onlybe done be clearing trees.Plus cows can produce wastethat could potentially become runoff and pollute a nearby river. the impact of makingsherbet is factorieshave to constantly replenishtheir ingredients. So they have to transport most of themfrom the other side of the world. The planes and cars they use burn a huge amountof fuel releasing even more Co2into the atmosphere whichincrease global warming. Impact of trade in Rome:The items that came to Romethrough trade maintainedtheir massive populationof over 1 million people. It also brought them a hugeamount of money. What is an eco footprint?The amount of resources needed to support yourlifestyle Ways to reduce your impact:You could try tomake an alternativeversion of sherbet andsave gasoline and energy.Companies could tryto grow someof the resources in the U.S Your choice and an eco foot print:The more you eat andbuy things, the biggeryour footprintgets By: Starsha Mitchell and Carrington Smith
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