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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Silk Trade on the Silk Road Silk was originally a Chinese luxury fabricworn by kings and aristocrats. Silk was originally developed in China. Some examples of silk date back to 3500 B.C. Origins Silk began to export out of China whichis where most of theearths silk was. Many foreign people from Europe were unfamiliar with the soft fabric, and were interested in trade. Trade Occured at places where caravans would stop.Usually in villigas or towns. Silk was manly exchanged through carvans along the silk road, which was a trade route through northern Asia and Europe interlinking the two countries. Silk traveled in Caravans and was exchanged all along the silk road. Caravans used strong and efficiant animals such as camles and muels to travel to their destination which wasoften through the desert.Mules and camels were used because they are very efficient animals and can carry a lot of things on their back. These iconsis where trade occurred.Often times trade occurredtowns or villages. Caravans usually stopped in oasis, where they would rest, eat, and even trade. Oasis usually refers to place to stop and relax. Sometimes traders wouldbe taxed to stay in this area. What is silk? Silk comes from cocoons and mulberry bushes. Silk is a very soft fabric used to manufacture cloth or clothing.It is a very luxurious and soft fabric. SIlk was also tread along the indian ocean, but was not as common on this route. Silk made softand luxurious fabrics availibleto the western world. Trade occurred in places around northern Africa, not just Europe. Taxes affected somecaravans. They would be taxed to pass throughor sleep in an area. Below is the silk road.Silk was traded manly along this route. Silk was valuablebecause not many people in Europe hadit and it was a very useful material. Becausesilk had value in Europe,traders were motivatedto make the journey alongthe silk road seeking profit. On the northern routes ofthe Silk Road, the weather couldbe very dry and cold. This affected the efficiency of the trader and their animals. Along the southern routesof the silk road, the weatherwas very hot. This affectedthe traders and the efficiency of their animals. Silk was used in religious Buddha bracelets.
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