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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Political Social Economy Intellectual The Han Dynasty The government was based ona centeralized government. the emperor reduced the amount of taxes and softened harsh punishments.He also removed the autocratic government whichwas the government having fullpower. The Han Empire also ruledby using the dynastic cycle and wouldgive power to the eldest sun. The first emperor of the Han Dynasty, Liu Bang, Emperor Gaozu initiated many effective measures by recruiting people for his government based on their ability, not birth or wealth, and drawing lessons from the collapse of the Qin and former dynasties. A great invention that wascreated during the Han Dynastywas also the collar Harness. It was a huge improvement. During the Han emoire, they made many inventions. The creations helped alot inour modern life. one of the most important inventionswas paper. Paper was a great invention brcauseit helped us improve our writing skips, A different aspect in their empire was their civil service. A civil service was like contributingan exam based on your ownknowledge. Confucianism later on, educated his government. The Han Empire like all other Civilizations relied on just one aspect for wealth. Which was agriculture and trading. A monopoly is when a group of people has control and says where it should be saidand how much. For their social class, to stay all organized, they had their ownsocial class who were responsibleand organized their society and citizens. It involved the Emperer,at the top and then the King. Then slate officials and then comes, the peasants next wouldbe the artisians and merchants and finally the slaves and soldiers.This made their life in the Han Empiremore peaceful because of the harsh that were removed, and them lowering taxes affected their society severely. In agriculture, handicrafts, industry, and commerce there were great achievements.In agriculture, water conservation and irrigation projects were built and greatly expanded production. Cattle, and iron farm tools were used at large to plough the land, and planting skills were also improved greatly so that one hectare of field could be seeded in a day. Many commercial cities developed around the center of Chang'an. Not only domestic trade flourished but foreign trade prospered due to the opening up of the Silk Road The invention of cast iron tools can also be credited to the people of the Han dynasty. It was during the Han dynasty that the cast iron processing was perfected. he daily lives of nobles and ordinary Chinese were quite different. For one thing, nobles had bigger, more comfortable homes. Like the city, their houses were surrounded by walls and were entered through gates. The houses of wealthy people were two, three, or four stories high. They had painted wood pillars and plaster walls. The roofs were made of pottery tiles. Noble women usually had their own rooms at the back of the house.
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