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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Infographic Creation:Aeneid, Book VI 1940's - 2010 There are priests that wear white bands on their heads. The Sibyl talks to them about locating Anchises. Plot Points Epic Conventions The daughter of Glaucus who is named Deiphobe focuses her attention on Aeneas and welcomes him. She tells the men to perform religious acts. Sibyl talks about what will happen next, saying that being in the Greek town will help you be safe. Aeneas replies that he is prepared about what is to come. Aeneas leads his men, flies through the air with them, stays on a tree for a littlebit and he gives the Sibyla branch. Aeneas is on his journey on the boat and a boatman interrrupts the journey by yellingat them. This quote, "he'd made a lightning bolt of brass and fashioned his horses' hooves to drum like thunder,". talks about his strength in what he does. It's important to know what he is capable of. This quote, " His eyes are flames, . and knotted rags hang filthy from his significant because it's a description of the ferrymanso we can visualize what hisappearance is like and the environment at this moment in the story. This quote,"At once the world burst round them with wild barking, for Cerberus crouched there, . huge beside his cave" is about howit can loud when they are confronted with an obstacle andgoing on to the next step. Aeneas arrives at Plain's End with the help of the Sibyl butthings go wrong as the souls try to interfere. The Argive chiefsget scared of Aeneas. The quote,"The young men dashed like Harne to Hesperian shores,"is about a group of people are arriving on the coasts of Euboean Cumae and others onthe coasts are coming to seethem. The quote,"In words like these the Sibyl from her shrine sang riddles of terror and bellowed in her cave, 100 wrapping the truth in darkness" is about the Sibyl being able to predict what can happen next and bad things can bepredicted. The Sibyl explains about the bad thingsthat are coming through her predictions.and Aeneas talksto her about seeing his father. Aurora makes it through heaven with the teamshe is with and tells Aeneas they must hurry. Anchises' son gets confused about the deaths not meaning anythingand not making a lot of sense. Lord Anchises talks about howMarcellus will do great in war and bring peace to Rome while also defeatingGaul and Cartha. The quote."Beside him, Aeneas saw, there walked a man handsome and young, with armor shining bright, but brow not joyful, face and eyes downcast" is about a heroic archetype the young man has which is beauty. The quote, "But when the seer observed his snake-ruff rise, she tossed him sleeping drugli tucked in a ball of crumbs and honey" is about how Cerberus'smovement is similiar to a snake's movement. There is a place where things are better for people, like Teucer's sons. It's a place of joy for people. This is an epic digression. Aeneas arrives at a grove that was said to be the haven of peace where men behaved like bees workingtogether. The Trojans are sad about Misenus's death.They burn Misenus's body.
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