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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Indentured servants who were able to be freed. your artboard start from scratch[clears the canvas] How it all started 500 settlers 1609 POPULATION: 605 settlers and colonists = 10 settlers 1610 60 settlers and colonistswere left. , only came to Jamestown in The demand = TOBACCO GROWTH of Jamestown = higher demand for LABOR More people = Less Jobs in England mid 1600s 1500s = 300,000 people In about 100 years, the population of England grew alot. This led the poor to searchfor better opportunities in theNew World. About 1/2 to 2/3 of the white immigrants that came to the New World became indentured servants. FREEDOM !! After the English immigrants gave up 4-7 years of their labor. They got somethingback in exchange. It was an exchange of Freedom. They got something back called"Freedom Dues" whichconsisted of: higher demandfor moreLABOR. increasing amount of freeindenturedservants = Dutch sailors brought Africans to Jamestown. + = However, due to the indentured servants being free, it became a threat to the English. So, they began to use slaves based on skin color. X The Terrible Transformation The English coloniesbegan to separate indentured servants by identifying thembased on color in the late 1630s. 1667 1669 Being baptized doesnot make ablack free. Masters are notallowedto free slaves. 105 colonists entered Jamestown in 1607 By 1676 = transitionto racial slavery Killing a slave is not wrongaccordingto Virginia. Bacon's Rebellion caused Virginian leaders to view indentured servitude as something bad which led themto using slaves. It also showed that blacks and whites could come togetherand rebel. By the 1680s, the terrible transformationfrom indentured servitude to racial slavery happened, the usage of Blacks became the dominant labor system. This transition also made the black population grow.Before in 1625, there was only 23blacks but then in 1680s, there were 3,000blacks. By: Stephanie Cao and Ava Roberts
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