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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 From Indentured Servitude To Racial Slavery The Terrible Transformation 1625 1639 107 Colonists from England seeking wealth, freedom, and opportunity, landed in Jamestown. 1607: 1609 Settlers survived 1610 1617 1619 Tobacco boom from Trinidad seeds. African captives from the West Indies purchased as indentured servants from Dutch pirates. 500 20 60 Settlers in Jamestown 1621 1620 * Served 4-7 years* If they broke the laws they were punished just the same* Were given freedom dues (bushel of corn, 100 acres of land, clothes, arms) when they became free.* Worked side by side in the fileds. = Indentured Servitude Black White Anthony Johnson owned property, cattle,and indentured servants. Anthony was brought to Jamestown as an indentured servant. 400 Africans Anthony Johnson married Mary and they had four children and became free. * 20 freed men and women* 13 owned property Events that contributed to the Terrible Transformation settlers Anthony Johnson moved to Maryland, and leased 300-acres of land but he died 5 years later.The government seized his land because he was Black and therefore,an alien (foreigner). Virginia declared that all servants brought to the colony who was not a Christian in their Native country shall be a slave. 1640 1705 * Maryland stated that baptism did not make a slave free. 19,000 1650 50%-66% of all white immigrants came to the colonies as indentured servants. 50%-66% of all white immigrants came to the colonies as indentured servants. Population deficit Population surplus * The Great Fire of 1666 meant more people were needed for the labor force inEngland. * People stayed in England sonot many settlers went to colonies such as Virginia and Maryland.* Land was scarce and slave labor was cheap. * Many settlers left England so the labor force in the colonies met theneed for plantation labor at first. 1665 Bacon's Rebellion Give us our rights! Protect us! Give us our freedom dues! Black = Slave The Law Is On My SIde The Law Is Not On My Side Christian = Freedom A Closer Look At Racial Slavery * Virginia decided that children whose mothers were slaves were therefore also slaves. 1662 * Anthony Johnson bought his first property. * He owned cattle, and he also ownedindentured servants. 1662 1667 The Right to Freedom The Right to Land Ownership No Rights and No Freedom The Right to Marry 1640 "In 1680, just 7% of the population of Virginia and Maryland consisted of slaves; twenty years later, the figure was 22%." (Slavery Takes Root Article) 1639 * Maryland: "Baptism as a Christian did not make a slave free." (Slavery Takes Root article.) * Massachusetts legally recognized slavery. 1641 1669 John Graweere, was granted permission to buy his child's freedom though the mother was a slave. Fernando petitionedthe court to free him since he was was a Christian. He appealedto a higher court when his case was dismissed by the local court. 1665 * Massachusetts legally recognized slavery. * Virginia: not illegal to kill a rebellious slave in punishment. * Anthony Johnson's property gets seized by the government becausehe was a