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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1. The gender that was traded the most was women and girls. This is because sex trade was a very important part of the Muslim Slave trade. Men involved in the Eastern Slave Trade were used much less because there wasn't asmuch of a demand for agricultural labor inthe Middle east as there was in the Western Hemishere. As a result of this many men were killed so they couldn't free their wifes or daughters. This was until the `19th contrary were the demand for agricultural labor increased. *resources - Interestingly enough, Slave owners would not convert their slaves to Islam immediatly, where theywould have less rights. Slaves where able to stay Muslim where they would have more rights to manumission. The slaves were treated more likehumans than cattle. The Arab slave Trade focused on shipping slaves to middle Eastern markets. Slaves were packed tightly in boats called dhows. Many died from starvation/ decease. The main port was Zanzibar, Tanzania. When the slaves arrived, they were tied to a tree and where whipped, those who did not cry out or faint wereworth more money. They were then out on stands on the site tobe displayed and bought. Those who didn't get bought, got killed. Although, Zanzibar was the mainport, there was also Kilwa, and Quilimane. On the Indian OceanSlave trade, Arab traders were shipping about 20,000 Africans to slave markets annually. Why was the Demand for slave so High? Transport and Ports 2. During the Napoleon war, the French's demand forSlaves was very high, they moved in to Arab northerntrade. The french needed 3000 slaves annually in the 1770's 3. The Arab Slave Trade on the Indian Ocean By Katie Craymer Money and social status. It was a sign of wealth if you owned a slave. The cites along the trade routs profited greatly fromthe trading. Also Arabs and Ottomons controlled theIndian Ocean trade on the Arabic sea, So they were able to make tons of money from other countries. Memorial at Zanzibar for the slaves
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