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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Nazi leaders died because of WWII.Adolf Hitler committed suicideon April 30, 1945. During thepostwar Nuremberg Trials, 24 other Nazi leaders were sentenced to death by hanging. The Nazi movements during WWII affected the whole world.people were victims of NaziGermany from 1933-1945. 25 20,946,000 One full person represents around 2.1 million people. Germany 1933 1945 Adolf Hitler, the leader of the Nazi Party in Germany, gained the country's support by promising change. By breaking the Versailles Treaty, he started World War II.However, the German people did become enthusiastic about the "next best thing": The Nazis (Rummel) (Smith) Can Nazism provide for the future? The older generation opposed nazism, but their opinion rendered powerless. (Herbst 4). The Nazis believed they could provide for the future by fighting a war and mobilizing the entire country. Adolf Hitler formed the Hitler Youth to prepare the German children for war because he realized that a majority of the German adults would not blindly support him. The Nazis attributed all of Germany's wins to Adolf Hitler. The people are told to give thanks to him because he was the reason they won. (Hess) The Hitler Youth's parents dislikedNazism so much that they almost feltcomfortable opposing Hitler. (Herbst 43) Hitler seemingly ignored Germanyduring WWII. The public's mood waschanging due to the, "growing movement of resistance" (Herbst 42). Neo-Nazis, or anti-Nazis, were becoming more popular. At their rallies, their posters wouldtarget the Nazis as evil.Some posters said, "Life is more beautiful without Nazis," or "Stop the Nazis" (Dempsey). The Nazis became more extreme asthe war went on. They wanted people to proclaim their loyalty.If someone wasn't loyal, therewould be trouble."Adolf Hitler is Germany and Germany is Hitler" (Hess)
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