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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Learned The Drums 2012 2003 2009 2010 2011 Buying And Selling Full Driving Licence Drum Building Pizza Hut Started playing drums in 2003. Drums have helped develop my time management andorganizational skills. You must use practice time efficiently. Playing in bands has helped develop my team skills, all working towards one goal. Learning drums is difficult and you have to be patient and persever. You must be disciplined. I have developed my ability to concentrate. Especially when playing in a band and having to keep track of other musicians. Have had a full driving licence since 2009.Learning to drive has made me more independant.I have become more responsible as i am now in charge ofa vehicle which can cause great damage to property and life.It has taught me to be courteous to other road users.I have learned about car maintenance and how to beresponsible for an expensive piece of equipment. I started buying and selling used goods for profit in 2010.I have learned about risk and how my actions can lead to undesired results.Buying goods often requires spotting an opportunity and acting on it.I have learned about researching not only the goods i am buying, but alsothe place i am selling them and people i am selling to.Both when buying and selling, negotiation can be the difference between profit and no profit. I made my first drum from scratch in 2011.I set myself a goal of making a drum, without any knowledge of how to do it.This shows initiative and a strong drive to succeed.I had to conduct an enormous amount of research as it is a highly skilled craft and many complicated steps involved.I have had to improvise and adapt at times when something doesn't work out the way i thought it would. I started working in an office which operatesthree Pizza Hut deliverys.I have had to be extremely astute and havelearned lots of new skills.I have shown how reliable i am and how i can be trusted with large sums of money.I have had to be extremely flexible with working hoursand have shown how much of a hard worker i am. 30/12/1991Dublin,Ireland Studying Business and Management in Dublin Institute of Technology Sean Mitchell
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