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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Hapsburgs Hohenzollerns FamilyOrigins FamilyOrigins Key people VS Prussian Frederick the Great German French=Allies War of the AustrianSuccession Prussia became a major power Key people Ferdinand II Austrian German Feuds Feuds 30 years war Gained Silesia Ended with peace of Westphalia Permenant Taxation Friedrich Wilhem Created beststanding armyin europe. Wanted landforsupplies. Many consequencesgave powerto france Maria Theresa Seven Years' War Started byBohemian ProtestantsRevolt ReligiousTollerance Treaty with French rulers Power Fatherto Son TreatyAix-la-Chapelle Frederick the great was more religious tolerant that Louis XVI. Frederick also did not have nobels to control like Louie. Although he did have to buyhis landowners loyalty. They both lived lavishlyand took total militaryand political powerthey were worried about their image. The Louis never passedpower to a woman whilethe Hapsburg family did.Louis was more successful keepingland than the Hapsburgs.Louis was more concentratedon the nobles. They both had relations with cardinals. They alsohad to deal withreligious out breaks. Both families spenta lot of time in wars. We would like to be a member of the Hohenzollerns because they have a greater military and are more religiously tolerant. This makes us feel safer because we won't have to be worried about being kicked out because of our relgion or getting taken over. Created Czech nobility (pledging loyalty) gained someGermanvilliages GreatElector No clear winnerStarted in America Softened Laws Fought many wars"underestimated" Did not changeterritory stituation ineurope. Power passedto whoveris fit. Similarities and differences to Louis XVI rule. Similarities and differences to Louis XVI rule. Led wayfor British expansion
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