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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Childhood Obesity: What we can do to help In the last 30 years Childhood obesity has tripled. This epidemic needs to be stopped and it can. Childhood obesity health issues. - Heart and cardiovascular problems are more likely such as high cholesteral and high blood pressure.- The extra weight can weaken bones and body support.- Being obese also gives you an increased risk of cancer. The first step: Engaging parents. - Enrolling your kids in sports and other activities keeps kids healthy and active.-Providing healthy food instead of greasy or fast food.-Turning of the T.V and going outside to play. Healthy food at school. -Talk to your administrator and ask them to provide healthy alternatives such as salad bar.-Have the school provide servings of fruits and vegetables.-Bring foods from home so you know there healthy. Improving Access to healthy foods. -The government has adopted zoning laws to make stores close to home.-Improved public transportation allowing people to get to the store at any time.-Opening farmer markets in local areas.- Encouraging restaurants to serve healthier food options. Physical Activities A healthy diet isn't always enough, getting at least 60 minutes of physical activity a daykeeps the body fit and active.Joining sports is a good way to stay fit and have fun!. Early childhood obesity prevention Fueling children with fruits instead of grease.Always encourage the kid to stay active.Enroll a kid in a program that they can have fun and get exersize. Childhood obesity isn't a joke and is increasing. in 1980 7% of kids were obese now in 2008 20% of kids are obese. We need to take action now and stop childhood obesity before it worsens. Go out side and play in stead of playing videogames or watching T.V.
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