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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Aeneid of Vergil, Book VI Aeneas Lands Aneas Land on Cumae's heights safely after traveling at sea formonths Aneas is trying to find the entrance in the Underworld so may speak to his father. (14-33). Divine Intervention At lines 83- 97, Aneas' mother, Aphrodite comes to his son and tells him what he will be facing in the future. She tells him that he will face a Simois, Xanthus, and also Greeks. Aeneas Enters the Underworld Aeneas asks the Sibyl if she will lead him into the Underworld totalk to his dead father. He states that since he has Zeus bloodline,he will be able to enter and escape the Underworld. (103-123) Epic Simile "The young men dashed like Harneto Hesperian shores." (Pg. 1, Lines 5-6)This simile expresses the excitementthe men aboard the ship hadto be on land again. This simile can also expressvisually how the amount of men overtook the shores as fast and expansiveas a flame burning an item. Walking in the Underworld With the Sibyl guiding Aeneas, They walk in theUnderworld, passing one of the five rivers in the Underworld, the river of Phlegethon, the river of Fire. While walking, he sees evidence of Sorrow, Vengeance,Disease, Want, Hunger, Death, Toil, Sleep, Vile Pleasures,War, and Fury. (Lines 268--281) Aeneas meets Charon While traveling in the Underworld, he meets Charon, the ferryman who travels on the River of Styx. He observes Charon take some souls on his boats and also reject some souls.After conversing with Charon, he agrees to let Aeneas and the Sibyl board. (295-416) Aeneas meets Trojans After he gets off Charon's boat, Aeneas crosses into the Plain's-End. Here he runs into fallen Trojans that were battling in the Fall of Troy. Trojans like: Glaucus, Medon, Thersilochus,Polybotes, and Idaeus, He also sees Deiphobus, Priam's son. (477-493) Aeneas Sees Tortured Souls While traveling in the underworld, Aeneas passes the Gates of Tisiphone, which is guarded by a fifty headed Hydra. It is here that the Guilty souls are punished forever. Theses souls were judged by the three Judges of Tartarus: King Minos, King Rhadamanthus, and King Aeacus. (548-586) Aeneas Reaches Elysium When the reach Elysium, the place in theUnderworld that the souls who are innocentgo the scenery changes entirely from dark and eerie to lively and "blessed". They see fields of grass, houses that are blessed, and many human hero's such as Orpheus. (637-659) Aeneas Reunites with Anchises After reaching Elysium, The Sibyl asks the inhabitantswhere Aeneas might find Anchises. They tell Aeneasthat they might find him on top of a nearby summit, for souls in this place do not have a set place. When Aeneas finds Anchises, they tried to embrace, they can't because Anchises is an empty shade. (679-702) Anchises Tells Aeneas about the Future Anchises begins to explains why he asked Aeneas to come see him in Elysium. Anchises wanted to know let Aeneas know the future. Anchises starts to tell Aeneas about his son, Alban Silvius, then his wife, Lavinia, and how his line of blood will be kings and leader in lands that will be great but are for now nameless.(756-776) Anchises then goes on to tell Aeneas about all the things that will happen and all these famous people, like Romulus and his discovery of Rome, Julius Caesar's march against his son-in-law, Pompey etc.(777-846) After hearing what his father had to tell him about the hardships to come, Anchises tells Aeneas to leave the Underworld by the path with Flawless Ivory. After Aeneas exits, he rejoined his friends.(893-901) Aeneas Exits the Underworld Epithet "Amphrysian" refers to Apollo.It is a river in Thessaly and is associated with Apollo because it is where Apollofed herds.(398) Epithet "Stygian King" refers toPluto for crossing from the circle the Stygian swamp.(252) Epic Digression "The boatman: Charon". The aged priestest speaksof a scenario and bringsthis character to play for reference. The history ofCharon and the voyagecould prove helpful.(395) Epic Digression Deiphobus rant speaks of a past event as areference. Background knowledge is needed.(509-518) Heroic Archetypes Aeneas states accomplishmentsobtaining to his strength as wellas loyalty and devotion.(103-124) Epic Digression "ghost of bodies three". This playsno relevance in moving the storyand requires background informationto determine the ghost is Geryon.(289) HeroicArchtypes Aeneas shows leadershipover fellow men.(183) Epic digression Background knowledge is needed to refer to Numa as "that king" for clarification although this doesn't move thestory forward plot wise. (810)
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