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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Aeneid Book 6 Aeneas sails to Cumae searching for the EuboeanSibyl, a prophet of Apollo. She is quickly found. Plot Point 1 Line 1-42 Sibyl gives a prophecy to Aeneas about the perilsthat await him. She tells him that he will face adversity andfail, but he should not give up. She also tells him that he needs to find a golden branchin the forest to assure his entrance to the underworld. Plot Point 283-155 Aeneas finds the branchand enters the underworldwith sibyl. She takes him to a cave and theymake a ritual offering toinvoke Persephone and Hades. Plot Point 3line 210-263 Aeneas and Sibyl passthe souls that were notburied and will not enter the underworld.In the crowd, they meetPalinurus, who was killed on the voyage, but not buried. Sibylassures his burial. Plot Point 4Line 295- 383 Aeneas and Sybil show Charonthe golden branch and areferried across the river Styx.Once across, they get by Cerberus by distracting himwith a honey treat spiked withsleeping drugs. Plot Point 5Line 405-425 Aeneas and Sibyl meet the casualties of the sacking oftroy, and Aeneas finds out thatHelen played a part in the attack, even leading Menelaus to Priam's son. Plot Point 6Line 494- 534 Plot Point 7Line 547- 636 Aeneas and Sibyl pass Tartarus, and Sibyl tells Aeneas about the inside, including who is in Tartarusand how they are punished. She describes Tityas, Tantalus, Theseus,and others, and then they move on to the gates of Elysium. Plot Point 8Line 637- 751 Aeneas and Sibyl enter Elysium, where people live in peace after they die. Aeneas finds Anchises, his father, who tells him the process by which people are resurrected. Plot Point 9Lines 756- 853 Anchises gives Aeneas a prophecy of the future of their family and links Aeneasto Romulus, Caesar, Augustus and other significant figures of Rome. Plot Point 10lines 893- 901 Anchises leads Aeneasand Sibyl out of Elysium.Aeneas immediately sailed up to port Caieta and set anchor.
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