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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Ming Sing :D Age of Exploration, Gone! Connor's Compasses. Built to the emperor's standards, buy today and get one free! Published in: 1/26/1430 For 28 years, Zheng He and his brave crew traveled most of the world bringing glory to China, spreading word of it's power, and demanding lesser kingdoms pay tribute. But now the nobles say that the voyages must be cancelled despite the many advantages they bring.One of these greedy nobles' excuses is saying that the voyages cost too much, caring more for their pocketbooksthan the glory of China! These voyages bring back more wealth that goes into them and they gain the respect and servitudeof many, many, many lesser kingdoms and these shallow-mindednobles have the gall to talk about their gold stores!Another stupid idea that these nobles have gotten into theirhead is that the voyages are non-Confucian saying merchantswere disobeying the teaching of placing money ahead of society.May I add that these nobles have lots of money for themselvesand these voyages bring lots of respect to China which is whatConfucian teachings are about! So while these nobles are complainingabout their gold stores, Zheng He brings respect to China! Now whodo you think is disobeying Confucian ideas?Hmmm it seems that these pig-headed nobles have run out of ideasso... poof! Their claim is no completely baseless and Zheng He's side has won out. I mean if the world had listened to these idiots China probably forgotten how to build the ships in the first place, I mean could you imagine that?
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