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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1 K Keep Exploration Going eep exploration on! We need more trade, power and elephants that only exploration can bring us. Do you hear me Ming Dynasty! Dont take our explorers from the sea, esspecially Zheng He. Look at all the great things he has brought us. Silver, spices wood and giraffes are all things we need. Atsome point, others will catch up and discover a new world before we do.Zheng He has brought us great things from the worldshe has explored. Look at his journeys; he has been to Rome, Indonesia and even to the Middle East. From these faraway worlds he has brought us spices, wood and silver for our own goods of paper and silk. In Southeast Asia, he even settled some Chinese merchants to spread Chinese culture and keep the trade between our great Ming dynasty and their nations flowing. Some have said that this trade is a bad idea because the merchants involved are placing themselves ahead of society, which is against Confucian teachings, because they are making money for themselves. However, this is not entirely true. The money that merchants bring in is also helping Chinas wealth as a nation. It is also spreading Chinese culture and ideas, which is further spreading the power of China in Asia and elsewhere. Dont take out our explorers and forget our technology. Keep this going. page 2Dynasty Times
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