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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Save Our Ships! Save Our Ships! We need to keep ships! We need to explore! Our greatest explorer,Zheng He, was from a poor familybut found many great things. One time he went to Africa, a place south east of China, and foundmany giraffes, animals with very long necks. Giraffes are very special animals because when Zheng Hewas bringing them home he was finding holes and silver all over the ship. This was no surprisefor Zheng He was a quick learner and soon stopped ashore to buy wood for the giraffes to eat so they could produce more silver and not destroythe ship. Another thing Zheng He found out was that the whole worldwas not like China and are sometimes different. For example when itrained spices in the middle east. Another thing is that Zhang He learned and spread was religion. In other areas people thought that giant spaghetti monsters ruled the world. Zheng He's favorite part of his voyage was when he found a sphere-like hole floating in mid-air which the native people called a "worm hole" because giant worms would sometimes come out of it.Zheng He was very adventurous so he couldn't resist and jumped intothe hole which brought him to a place of pre-civilized humans who calledthemselves the Americans. If it wasn't for Zheng He we wouldn't have found out about thesilver producing animals, the worm hole, the spice rain, or even the flying spaghetti monsters. We should never stop exploring!
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