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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Pursuit for Zero Population When you see this picture, what isthe first word that comes to mind? Hey! Watch it! Excuse you! You're breathing on my neck... Elbow room dude. CRAMPED This is a current problem that our world is facing. Over the past 100 years, we have allowed the population size to grow exponentially. This is mainly due to three things: The Age of First Childbearing The Use of Contraception Social Pressures Addressing these three factors and their role in society will enable us to achieve zero population growth! By delaying childbirth,the levels of education and standards of living increase. Also, more women enter the workforce and establish careers. In many underdeveloped countries, the age of consent is rather low. This is primarily due to the nation's tradition. Because of this, women in countries such as India are expected to have around 5 kids throughout her lifetime. This is where the use of contraception Comes into play! The majority of the world has access to many of its forms. The most effective form would be abstinence. However, it happens to be the least used form out there; hence the the alarming size of our population. The second best alternative is birth control. BC is a pill that prevents ovulation through control of hormone levels. However, this method can prove to be expensive; especially for undeveloped countries. of women in East Asia use them. But in countries such as Africa, only of women use them. 78% 18% WOMEN and their social pressures. In places such as Kenya, population growthis nowhere near stopping. Even if all reproductive activities were stopped, the population would still double. Due to AIDSand HIV, death rates are climbing. Adding in the factor of poverty, women are forced tosell their bodies to sustain. They are paidmore to not use contraceptives. Because of this Half of the women in Kenya havechildren before the age of 19. By raising theage of childbearing, using contraceptives,and not falling victim to social pressures, we can come one step closer to achieving zero population.
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