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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Zechariah's Life Martin Luther King Jr. was a very important person in history. There were many important people from history. One of these people include Jesus because Catholics believe him to be the Messiah. Further back in history, there were people who prophecised about the Messiah. A minor prophet named Zechariah prophecised about the Messiah. Many events made Zechariah's life important. Some of these events include visions and angels. Zechariah's life was important because of the visions he received. He was a minor prophet and they get visions about things in the future. Zechariah saw visions about God's power, judgment of sin, and the importance of spiritual strength. He also had visions about the promise of things to come, including the Messiah. After receiving visions, Zechariah taught them to the people of Jerusalem, which gave them faith. With faith, most of the people of Jerusalem lived happy and just lives. Therefore, faithful people from Zechariah's vision and a visit from an angel made his life very important. Zechariah's life was important because he received a visit from an angel. Visits from angels don't happen every day; they are special. Visits from an angel usually result in a special message from God. Zechariah was offering gifts to God in a temple when the angel Gabriel came down from heaven and told him that his wife Elizabeth was to give birth to a boy named John who would become a prophet. The news of Elizabeths birth was a miracle due to her prior infertility. Zechariahs life was important because visits from angels arent events of ever day life. Zechariahs life was very important because of the visions he received and the visit from the angel Gabriel. When the angel Gabriel came down to bear the news of Elizabeths pregnancy, it was a miracle. When he received visions and experienced the miracle, it lead to people leading happy and just lives. Martin Luther King Jr., through his actions as a civil rights leader also led to people living happy and just lives. Both men were acting through God, which is what made their lives so different.
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