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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 BIOMIMICRYINFOGRAPHICS BIOMIMICRY Biomimicry is the imitation of the models, systems, and elements of nature for the purpose of solving complex human problems. Examples of Biomimicry Sharkskin =Swimsuit Whale =Turbine Bug = WaterCollection Problems and Biomimicry Solutions Problems: Farm Irrigation in EgyptWater is drawn from canals filledwith sewage, waste and bacteria, posing health issues. Biomimicry solution:Produce artificial waterfalls along the canals to create constant circulation and eliminate stagnant ponds. That is how a camels digestive system works waterfalls aside. The vegetation in its belly is constantly shuffled by waves of muscle contractions, optimising digestion Problems: Replace the fossil fuels and other non-renewable energywith the more economical biowavemethod of renewable energy. Biomimicry solution:One of the most intriguing methods for designers and engineers to create innovative and efficient solutions to problems. Inspired by forms and functions found in nature, this approach to sustainable design allows for environmentally friendly solutions for energy, waste reduction and a bevy of other design challenges. Using biomimicry as the guiding design principle, the Australian firm BioPower Systems has developed Biowave: an ocean power system that harnesses energy by mimicking the motion of underwater plants in the ocean currents to generate electricity.mimics the swaying motion of the sea plants found in the ocean bed. The system looks like three buoyant blades which are constantly oscillating to the motion of the sea. As they sway in the tide, electricity is generated. If at any point the system is in danger because of the strong currents, it simply lies in flat until the ocean calms down. Problems: To enable minimal water use and collect water effectively. Biomimicry solution:Other projects copied honeybees to design a preservation chamber for fruit and vegetables with minimal water use; replicated the hydrological cycle on a miniature scale to purify water; imitated the Tillandsia landbeckii plant to collect water from the fog; drew inspiration from fish gills to remove the air in water pipes in a way that is more cost-effective than the usual air valves and vents BIOMIMICRY CYCLE ProtectOurBelovedEnvironmentBeforeTooLate Reference: Created by:Tay Wee SiangI12001219
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