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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 January February March April May June July & August Sept, October & November PerformanceManagement Cycle Business Planning Objectives End of Year Objective Setting Mid-Year/Quarterly Reviews Demographic Review Diversity Trailblazer Drivers Divisional Agreement Pay Review Previous YearBonus Calculation PaymentMarch/April Current year bonus scorecard design & issue Performance/potentialdata gathering &landscape presentation High Performer Lunchwith Marianne Early Entry Secondary School Engagement Country Calibration People Day Early Entry Careers Fairs Leadership Development Leadership Level 2 enrolment UK VOICE Survey Design Union Divisional Agreement Meetings Q1 Organisational Development Functional review of structures Q1/Q2 Early Entry Student Placements Careers Fairs Apprentice Intake LeadershipDevelopment Leadership Level 3 enrolment UK VOICE SurveyDistribution Audits & Reviews Lloyds RegisterQuality Assurance Booklet of Employment Pay Review Divisional Agreement Meetings Q2 Equity Granting (CHO) High Performer lunch with Marianne Early Entry Secondary School Engagement Communications Long Service Awards Diversity Engagement UK VOICE Analysis & Feedback Early Entry Summer School Careers Fairs Diversity Demographic Review UK VOICE Action Planning Union Divisional Agreement Meetings Q3 Early Entry Careers Fairs - SeptApprentice Intake - SeptSecondary School Engagement - Oct Leadership Development Leadership Level 2 enrolment - Sept High Performer lunchwith Marianne Nov High Performerlunch with Marianne People Plan Timeline
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