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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Your Mighty Muscles Your Muscles do a big part in your life. There are more than 600 muscles in your body, without them, your wouldn't be able to move! Some muscles control themselves, while others you are the boss. In your body there are three types of muscles: Smooth, Cardiac and Skeletal. Your smooth muscles are called your involuntary muscles. They are the muscles that you don't control. They are located all over your body and without them we couldn't live! Think about it, if we had to tell our hearts to beat and our lungs tobreath all at the same time! Your brain tells these muscleswhat to do. Smooth muscles are found in your stomach and digestive system also in your blatter Smooth Muscles Cardiac Muscles One example of the Cardiac Muscle is the heart. A fancy word for it is Myocardium (my-uh-KAR-dee-um). When the muscles in the heart squeeze or contract they are pumping blood. When they relax, they let blood back in to the muscle after it's "tiring" trip around the body. The Cardiac muscle is also considered a Smooth Muscle because it works it's self. No need to help, It's independent! Skeletal Muscles When you think of a muscle you are thinking of skeletal muscles that sow how strong you are. When you flex your arm to show your bicep you see muscles bulging. These are skeletal muscles. These muscles are all voluntary muscles. These muscles are called skeletal muscles because most times they are attached to your bones which make up your skeleton. To be more specific the muscle attaches at the end of a bone and usually crosses a joint reconnecting again on a bone on the other side. Skeletal muscles help to give your body power. they are the ones that allow your calf to ball or your arm to throw a ball far. Link to a informational video about the muscles (and bones) Created By: Lillian-Grace Prince(Your Future President) Video Q&A Q- Without what would you not have a leg to stand on?A-Bones!Q-What happens when the top string (muscle) is shortened?A-The Arm moves into a 90 degree position.Q- What do you need to do anything?A- Your musclesQ- What animal in the video does the science guy portray that doesn't have any bones?A- A sharkQ- What moves our body?A- Our Muscles.Q- What are the strongest bones in a skeleton?A- your teeth
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