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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Entrepreneurship,Innovation andYOU! I think I would want to be a business owner because businesses arewhat run the world and it would allow me to make a lot of money bydoing things I enjoy such as, planning, managing and making my imagination come to life. Also, by starting a business I would be able to gain profit while still having freedom in the later years to fulfill other desires because I am my own boss. If you can secure 25% of your required capital you can apply for the rest via the government's Enterprise Finance Scheme (EFS). I run my own business and have invested in stocks and property around the world, such as California.I have invented at least 1 idea and have patented it.I am traveling around the world for leisure and attending to international business meetings. I am a snow bird in the winter times and live in my vacation home in Dominican Republic. The challenges are the many stresses that will occur during the processes, managing and keeping on top of everything. The rewards are having profit come into mypockets while still being able to have time to enjoy life. Intrapeneurship is the least entrepreneurship style that suitsme because I believe if you have the ability to come up with creative ideas you should branch out and use that to your own advantage in order to get where you want in life, not let others feed on your ideas. It was easy for me because it gives me unlimited opportunities to create anything I wanted to.But! It was hard because it requires so much well thought out details and calls for fundsin order to fulfill an idea, such as patents. The invention that impressed me the most was a way for people to pay subway fareswith plastic bottles. This really impressed me because it is a smart wayto get a lot of people recycling, since most people are going to rather recycle bottlesthan spend their money on transportation. This also gives a great opportunity forhomeless people and even people who just happen to have forgotten their subwayfares one day. This innovation would definetly get more people recycling. Yes, I have been creative and an inventor in the past.
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