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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Yellow Fever Stage 1: Incubation- 3 to 6 days.- No symptoms identifiable to the host. Stage 2: Invasion- lasts 2-5 days- begins with abrupt onset of symptoms- symptoms include: fever, chills, headache, muscle aches, nausea, exhaustion. Stage 3: Remission - lasts several hours to several days- symptoms decrease in severity- for some, it could be the end of the disease Stage 4: Intoxication- lasts 3-9 days- potentially most severe part of disease, could be deadly- degeneration of internal organs occurs- symptoms include: jaundice,black vomit, protein in urine Stage 5: Convalescence- patients who survive the intoxication stage enter into this one- period of recovery What is yellow fever? Yellow fever is a disease carried by mosquitoes.Yellow fever is caused by a virus.The virus damages many body tissues, especially the liver.It is also known as sylvatic fever and viral hemorhaggic fever or VHF.Yellow fever is a type of virus called a flavivirus. What is the history of yellow fever? The first written evidence of yellow fever occurred in Yucatan in 1648.A ship brought the yellow fever to the Americas from the West indies.Carlos Juan Finlay officially discovered yellow fever. This renowned physician was born on December 3rd, 1833 in Cuba. What effect did the yellow fever have on America? The worst American epidemic of yellow fever occurred in 1793 and doomed the supremacy of Philadelphia among U.S. cities.The last epidemic of yellow fever in the U.S. occurred in New Orleans in 1905. How is the yellow fever spread? The yellow fever is spread by the bite of a female mosquito carrying the disease.The mosquito bites a human, infecting it with the disease. The next mosquito comes along, and bites human, picking up the disease, starting the whole process over. Are there different types of yellow fever? There are three sub-types of yellow fever:-epidemic yellow fever: spreads in densely populated areas via the bite of mosquitoes.-intermediate yellow fever: occurs in Africa as a result of mosquitoes breeding in humid flat grasslands during rainy seasons, then infecting both monkeys and humans.-jungle acquired yellow fever: occurs mainly in South America when mosquitoes pick up the virus from infected forest monkeys and then transmit the disease to humans. What are the symptoms? symptoms include:early stages-fever, chills, headache, muscle ache, nausia, exhaustion.later stages-jaundice (the yellowing of skin and eyes), black vomit, and thick gritty urine. Any statistics? Yellow fever is not 100% deadly, but 50% of people that caught it, died. If you managed to survive it, you are now immune to the disease.Once the mosquito has passed the disease to a human, the chance of the disease actually developing is about 5%-20%.In the Philadelphia epidemic, it toke out more than 9% of the population. Can yellow fever be cured? There is no cure for the yellow fever.Vaccines against the disease were developed in the 1940's.Before the vaccine, a chemical called DDT was sprayed everywhere to kill mosquitoes. It is now proved to be very harmful to humans. 1950-'59 1960-'69 1970-'79 1980-'89 1990-'99 Cases of Yellow Fever in Africa and America from the 1950's to 1999 Cases of Yellow Fever in the Americas and Africa from the 1950's-'99
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