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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 When S.B. Undersorf and his parents went to the castle in Mariathal, Brunner, a Nazi, captured them for the first time. Yellow Star By: S. B. Unsdorfer Olivia Hall "How soon hope fell! At ten o'clock that Saturday morning we were all ordered to line up in the huge camp square and hand over all gold, silver, jewelry, furs and money." Page 127/606 S.B. Unsdorfer's family went to Auschwitz, resulting in the death of his aging parents. In Auschwitz, he reunited with one of his brother in-laws, making the harsh time a little sunnier. "You were not only treated like animals but you were expected to behave like them."Page 283/606 Sered was the beginning of S.B. Undersorf's life in concentration camps. Here, he learned in order to survive, he must do what is asked, and no less. Although being deported was hard, S.B. Undersorf and his parents were most optimistic at these times. On the trains they often sang and prayed. They had false hope that the train would take them to safety Buchenwald Concentration Camp is where S.B. Unsdorfer thought his life would end. The Nazis had told them that as soon as the area was cleared, that they would bomb the camp. Without it, I do not think theywould've been able to make it. The hope was vital to their survival. The white flag represents the freedom the American soldiers brought the Jews. The people in Buchenwald tookoff their white shirts inorder to let every see their freedom. The letters S.B. Unsdorfer and his parents sent his sisters during the Holocaust gave them hope when they were running low on it. In the concentration camps S.B. Unsdorfer went to, the conditions were harsh. There was little to no food and water, small and crowded barracks, and not always enough clothes to go around.
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