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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Benefits of Yeast Benefits Yeast of Wine-making Breadmaking o Yeast can be pasteurized into safer form: Flake formUsed as vegan/vegetarian seasoning, cheese substitute Marmite Another type of yeast extractBrown, sticky spread thats popular in the UK o Health benefits Nutritional yeast (a.k.a. yeast extract) Complete proteinGood source of Vitamin BMinerals (Bio ethanol fuels) o Energy produced from corn Alternative to fossil fuelsMain crops used: Corn, beets, molasses, & sugar cane Fermenting process made by combing cellulose and starches with sugar. o Not all yeasts are suitable for brewing alcohol. The sugar fungi form of yeast is used o They are mainly used for making bread, wine,and biofuels and are also used for nutritionalpurposes. o Steps for Alcoholic Fermentation Pyruvic acid is broken down into ethanol and CO2 1. Initial rapid process- the yeast is doubling its colony size every 4 hrs. Yeast is aerobic at this point (oxygen is present).(24-48 hrs.) 2. 3. Decreased activity stage- the yeast focuses on converting sugar to alcohol rather than increasing the number of yeast cells. Anaerobic stage meaning there is no oxygen present. (Takes from days to weeks depending on the yeast and the recipe). Nutrition Biofuels Yeast is then filtered out and the wine is aged. 4. Bailey Jacobs, Rachel Hooten, Benson Hobart, Meryl Haque, & Alyce Hopes o Yeast used in baking is predominantly Saccharomycescerevisiae o Bakers and baking companies have produced numerous strains of yeast with many varieties for different types of bread. o Yeast grows when it has sugar and water. Dough rises due to the chemical reaction after mixing flour, sugar, andwater with yeast. o Yeasts are Eukaryotic, Single-cell organisms Saccharomyces genus.
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