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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Area A1 A2 SP1 SP2 S1 S2 Term English Maths Maths Science R.E. DT PE Geography History Focus texts:English Topic Information textsStories fromanother culturePoems- rhyme Fantasy settingsPoems on a theme Writing labels We are collectors Makingjolly roger flag Dolls housesbased on our homes Dance:Carnival of the animals Hey you songRhythm Making apirate shipFloat/sink? Not now BernardThe GingerbreadMan LONG TERM PLAN: Year 1 Through thekeyhole Once there were giants Sailing the seven seas Art Information textRecountFact and fiction Time travellersSchools AnimalAdventures Toy tales RE Traditional talesInstructionsFairy tales Self- portraitsSeasonal art:Leaves collageAutumn leaf Pop artSnowflake Van Goughs SunflowersMonet's water lillies Make azooSeperating carnivoresherbivores NA Autumn 1 Giant invasion-InterviewsSightings Toy day Victorian school day Animal dayDressing upActivities all day Computing Music Lists, labels and captionsStories in a familiar settingStories with a repeated patternSenses poems Pirate day Recount ofVictorian day Handa's SurpriseRoom on theBroom Jack and the beanstalkHow to catch astone giant NPV- 1 weekMAS- 2 weeksGPS- 1 weekNPV- 2 weeksMAS- 1 weekMeas- 1 week The Magic Keystories MAS- 1 weekMeas/NPV- 1 weekNPV- 1 weekMAS- 2 weeksGPS- 1 week Bodies and senses Seasonal changes Animals Materials RecountStory in a familiar setting Plants We are celebratingICT outside of school We are TV chefs Vincent Van GoughArt work We are storytellers Henri RousseauJungle art WeavingAndy Warhol toy pop art Peg dolls Dance:Toys dance Gymnastics Gymnastics Little angelgets her wings We are treasurehunters We are painters In the groove Rythmn in theway we walkBanana rap Round and round Reflect, rewindand replay
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