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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Subject A1 A2 SP1 SP2 S1 S2 Term English ICT Science History R.E. P.S.H.E Art Music D.T. P.E. R.E. Topic Familiar settings:HomesFairy tales:Castles Living thingsCan Spidermanreally exist? Evolution &InheritanceHave we alwayslooked like this? Animals inc' humansWhat would a journeythrough your bodylook like? We are appplanners. We are projectmanagers. We are marketresearchers. We are interfacedesigners. We are appdevelopers. We aremarketers. Why should therain forest beimportant tous all? Naturalresources. I'm a Yr 6 pupil,can you get meout of here?(forest school) Were the Vikingsalways victoriousand vicious? Who were theMayans and whathave we learntfrom them? Sikhism Can charitychangethe world? What iscompassion? What isimportantto transition? FinancialCapabilitiesCan youmanage? New BeginningsWhere dowe start? Good to Be MeAre you goodto me? Going for GoalsWhat isyour goal? RelationshipsWhat makes agood relationship? ChangeIs changegood? Colouring andShadingSKILLS Collage inspiredby Rousseau Animals in ActionWhere is the action? Water Reflections(Monet)Where is thereflection? Perspective Which environmentdo you prefer? Which environmentdo you prefer? Peter andthe Wolf Water MusicCan you makea splash? Who Knows?Exploring musicalprocess How is dancemusic made? CraftCarousel CraftCarousel CraftCarousel CraftCarousel CraftCarousel CraftCarousel Gymnastics Dance:The World of SportWhere inthe world? Dance: Flightfrom DangerWhy shouldwe fly? Gymnastics:PathwaysWhich pathdo I follow? Alphabet andFrenchLanguage ClassroomObjectsand Clothing Visiting a FrenchSpeaking County'French Culture' House andHome Occupations Where WeLive LONG TERM PLAN: Year 1 Through thekeyhole Animal Adventures Sailing the seven seas Geography LightHow can you lightup your life? Once there were giants Toy tales Schools Visits
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