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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Xavier'sNorth Vs SouthIndustrial Revolution style Warm summers and snowy,cold winters.Terrain rocky and not good for farming.Fast, shallow rivers Warm, humid summerMild winter.Bordered by Gulf of Mexico. Climate! Geography! Rose from 5 to 31 million betweent 1800 and 1860Massive immigration took place.Over 2 million Irish, German, and other European immigrants moved to the North. Population 12 million.1out of every 3 people in theSouth were slaves.Most people were of Irish descent. Population! Cities! Cities thrived as centersof commerce.Northern cities were tradecentersThey were also hubs for manufacturing. Made up of small towns.Big cities had to develop over time.Eventually, the populationgrew. Economy! (money,money,money) Steamboats were usedfor travel.Agriculture was an incentive to travel due to its ease.Railroads stretched forthousands of miles. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Based on agricultureCrops, like cotton and tobacco,were shipped out.Slaves were used to harvest wares. Based on different industriesincludes shipping, textiles,lumber, fur, and mining.Majority of people lived on farms. Culture.... Merchants brought new ideas.Majority of Norhternerswere Protestant.Some boys went to a secondaryschool, but only some people went to college. Entertainment was hunting.Lived like gentlemenSlaves were common. Transportation! The size of the U.S. doubled88,000 miles of surfaced surfaced rocks [roads]Over 3,000 canals providedwater transportation. North South
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