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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Xanax (Alprazolam) DOG 4 mg/day Xanax tablets havebeen tested foranxiety and panicdisorders in short-termplacebo-controlled studies.In both studies Xanaxwas far more superiorin reducing anxiety/panicattacks. $5.57 for 6 tablets each 0.5 mg Oral Solution Exact is unknownClinically, as BZDacts in CNSdepressant activity. Changes inpharmacokineticsaffect diseases dealing with alcoholismand impaired hepaticor renal function.No affect on pediatrics or gender. Patients with knownsensitivity to this drug or other BZD's.Patients with acute narrowangle Glaucoma. Life-threatening eventsas result of dependenceon Xanax.Risk of feeling withdrawalsymptoms with daily dosesgreater than common dosage.Can potentially lead to suicideand various forms of suicide.Acute renal failure may comeas a result of weak uricosuric effects. Aditya Simha, Rocha, P. 7 Readily absorbed afteroral adminstration.Peak plasma concentrationsare found 1-2 hours afterconsumption. Route Common Dosage Mechanism ofAction SpecialPopulations ClinicalStudies Warnings/Precautions Cost Absorption Indications &Usage Xanax tablets are indicated for the treatment of both anxietyand panic disorders, the latter irrespective of agoraphobia.Limit usage of up to 4 monthsfor anxiety and 4-10 for panic disorder. ContraIndications Pharmacokinetics Distribution Metabolism Excretion 80% of alprazolam arebound to human serumprotein (in vitro). Alprazolam is extensivelymetabolized in humansand extrapolates into twometabolites.There are also benzophenoneswhich derive from alprazolam. Excreted primarily in the urine.
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