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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Nazi Party! All heil the Füther The HJs. Hitlers Youth Many Germans did not agree with Hitlers idea of the Jews, some even took them in and hidd them likeOskar Schindler who saved over 1,200 Jews. Racial and Ethnic Issues. In 1939 it was announced that Jews were the fault of Germany loss in ww1. A man called Adolf Hitler had every German convinced that Jews and non-Germans were the enemy. The Füther was the new leader of Germany. So then became known as the holocaust where over 6 million Jews were killed. Many were killed by gas chambers and bashed to death. This was a horrid time for Germany... On the Füther's birthday they would burn in the street Jewish things e.g books. Before Jews were sent into the gas chambers they were told that it was a shower.This was terrible when they realised it wasn't. The Germans embroided a six pointed star on the Jews. Which I think was really intimidating. No I don't believe it will, because this is a big part of history and instead of letting history repeat itself our world has moved on. Also this is the 21st century and I guess things have changed Will this happen again?? Adolf Hitler - Leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party.Joseph Goebbels - One of Hitlers closest associates and loyal followers.Rudolph Hess - Deputy Füther to HitlerHeinrich Himmler - Head of the SS, Chief of German Police and Ministerof the Interior. Baldur Von Shirach - Leader of Hitler Youth Propaganda Movie -
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