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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 I believe that everyone can write if they are given thechance too.Writing shouldn't be seen asimpossible. A writer, who loves to learn, and a person who believes that anything is possible. Art Therapy: Planto use writing in a big way. Illustrate to kids that writingis powerful and worth all of the effort put into it. Writing isn't meant to be easy but isn'tmeant to be hard either. It's about expressing your-self and what you truly want in life. Skills I've Learned Revision: To read over my work aloud and to be more proud of it. I have learned to be more straightforward in my writing. To say what I mean. Editing and Proofreading: I have learned that language is very powerful and that it has a huge effect on what people think. It allows us to under-stand others better. I have done this by using synonyms instead of the same diction over and over again. By varying it it makes it more effective. Video: At the beginning of the semester I would have never stepped in front of an iPad and filmed a video. It's just not something that I like doing. The sound of my voice on the recording makes me cringe and I hate every moment of it, but I took one for the team. A skill that I learned was to lookpast what I thought was bad and see what others saw as good. Knowledge Gained Author's Note: I learned how to write one. I never knew that they wereused in college courses but I felt that it was a good experience to haveand the knowledge of it is something that I will take with me. Goals to Strive Towards To embrace every learning opportunity like it is my last. To learn somethingnew every day. To ask questions and really listen to what the answer is and respond to it. Not just nod and agree to whatever it may be. To embrace myfears and to take chances because that is what life is all about.
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