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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 United States 14% 16% north east south east Claim:Technology can be bad to the human brian Pros. If were distracted we understand,remember and learn less Messages and other bits of datadistract our train of thought we end up scatterbrained , you'llnever think deeply if your alwaysgoogling , texting , and suffering If you're really insterested indeveloping your mind,than maybe turn off your computerand cellphone than really startthinking! Cons You can Google all you the factsyou want but you'll never find your way to brilliance. At work computer users check email or change windows or otherprograms nearly 37 times an hour,new researchers shows. Most computer users visit an average of 40 websitesa day. Emails can slip your mind if your on other sites and and what if the emails important Social Media users no longer loose social ties over their lives i have social media FaceBook friendsforever. Today,Google is the new technology contains worlds test,images,writing & ideas. Google lets usfind the relevant pieces instantly. If one the local library has noinformation on a certain subjectyou could hunt through those to turn to Google have about 45,00pages with the needed infromation. Internet users have more informationwe can arrive with more creativity andinformed solutions. 15 Years ago scientist thought thebrain stopped developing afterchildhood,Now they understandthat its several network continue to develope.
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