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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Wonderful World of Bears invites you to get STUFFED this festive season! Different ages demand different things! Young children like bold colours and simple designs, while olderchildren might enjoy more realistic options. Make sure to pick something that suits their level of responsibility and fits with what they like. Are they crazy for cats? Gaga for giraffes? More importantly, are there any particular animals they really dislike? This is something you don't want to get wrong! Some children, typically toddlers, have no remorse - they'll savage a lion, or tear into a bear! Other kids, however, can really look after their favourite toys and keep them pristine for years to come. Which kindare you buying for? Pick something that stands a chance! What animals do they like? Answer these simple questions to pick the perfect plushy for any child! Answer these simple questions to pick the perfect plushy for any child! How tough does it need to be? What material would they like? From furry and fluffy to rough and rugged, stuffed animals come in many different types of skin!Would they like a thick coating to get their fingers into, or something slick for snag-free transportation? How much are you looking to spend? How old is the child? How old is the child? It can be tempting to forget about cost, but remember: you probably have other things to buy too! Of course, our products run the gamut of pricing, so we have something to suit any budget. What size would be best? From a handful to life-sized, our range includes products of many different sizes. Are you looking for a toyyour child can carry around easily, or a stationary hugging machine, or something in the middle?
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