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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Enkidu's humanizati onand friendship with Gilgamesh Page 28 Page 27 Page 18 Enkidu Enkidu was a human who acted like an animal. "Enkidu was ignorant of oldness he ran with with animals,drank at their springs not knowing fear or wisdom." Enkidu and Gilgamesh gear up and go to fight Humbaba. Through this, Enkidu develops a close friendship with Gilgamesh "Don't be afraid said Gilgamesh. We are together. There is nothing we should fear." As the story progressed,Gil gamesh'sfriend shipwith Enkidu grows stronger, but a injury Enkidu took in the battle with Humbaba grows worse and leads to his death. "Gilgamesh sat hushed as his friends eyes stilled. In his silence he reached out to touch his friend who he had lost." Enkidu was forced out of his comfort zone by being convinced to fight humbaba "Gilgamesh spoke then: 'We go kill the evil one Humbaba.'" Humbab a'sdeat h Enkid u'sde ath Hunters son Angry that Enkidu was freeing animals free from traps, a hunters son hires a Prostitute to entice Enkidu. "When he awoke he saw a creature unlike anything he seen before standing near the water,it's skin smooth, tan and hairless accept for its head and in between it's leg... The prostitute came close to him and the animals withdrew." Page 16 Gilgamesh and Enkidu Page 24 Gilgamesh and Enkidu see each other in Uruk and fight. At the end of the fight Gilgamesh has a sudden realization. "[Gilgamesh] turned to Enkidu who leaned on his shoulder and looked into his eyes and saw himself in the other, just as Enkidu saw himself in Gilgamesh. " Bonding After appearing defeated, and Enkidu suffering an injury, Gilgemesh fought back, and killed Humbaba. "[Gilgamesh] paused, he raised his axe up higher and swung it in a perfect arch into Humbaba's neck" Page 41 Page 50 Gilgamesh and Enkidu By James Robles
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