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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 For almost six years people had a horrible life:rationing food, evacuating, etc. The Beginning of World War II Dates The war began on the 3rd of September in 1939. Countries involved Allies:AustraliaBelgiumBraziland more Axis:GermanyJapanItalyand more Why World War two started: The war started because Germany still had to recognize that the British naval supermacy was better than German soldiers. Protection from attacks Air mask Air mask were made to protectpeople from gas attacks. They were made of black smelly rubber Evacuation Children and women had to evacuate.It was an idea from the government to protect people. Blackouts People had to cover their windows and doorsat night with heavy blackout curtains for soldiers not to see the light and attack the house. Shelters There were usedto protect people from bombsattacks. world War II War affectingpeoples daily life Rationing What was available was rationed.Everymember of the public was issuedwith a ration book. Air - Raids There were usually used by the Axis. There were planes that attacked to the enemys. Sirens There were used to alarm citizens to evacuate or put on their gas masks. Growing up in wartime School Children had to take regularly gas drills. End of WW2 It ended in 1945. At the end of the war the families were joinedagain.The war made people homeless.Their were people without their families. The Jewish like Anne Frank were forced to think they were lower to anyone else, because they had different religions. The people had to evacuate like Ellen in"Number the Stars" tosave their lives frombombs and attacks. In WWII the people had to ration their food like Annmarie and Kristy. They couldn't eat cupcakes or sugar.
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