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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The World War One, or the Great War, was a war that took place mainly in Europe 1914-1918, but it formally did not end until 1919. This war caused a massive amount of deaths and a great impact in the history of Europe. Was World War One worth it for the United States? What bad came out of this war for the U.S.? What good came out of this war for the U.S.? Unemployment The view of women in society Massive number of deaths The antiwar sentiment With a large number of the men gone, the women started being more involved in society by for ex Elle starting to work in the factories to keep up the production. This later led to the 19th amendment, which allowed the women to vote. When women also started working, a shortage of jobs were a problem when the soldiers came back from the war. This was one of the seeds which would later lead to the Great Depression Not only Europe suffered from a big number of deaths during this time. There were many soldiers who never came back to their families after this war. After this horrible war many Americans thought that they might have been to fast with joining the war. This lead to a new era of diplomacy that held until 1940, when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor So in the end, was is worth it? No war comes without negative consequences, but even though this war caused to many bad things, there were also many good thing that this war resulted in if the United States would not have gone to war, who knows what would have happened in Europe? If the wrong countries would have won, it could have affected America very negatively
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