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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 GAS MASKS GAS MASKS orange juice World War II By 1939 more than 38 milliongas masks were given out toevery family in Britain to protectthem from gas bombs. They never used them and it was difficult to breath using a gas mask. WORLD WAR lI STARTED WWII began in Europe in 1939 by a man called Adolf Hitler. He led a political party called Nazis. A lot of countries were involved: Germany, Italy, Japan, France, Greece, India, etc. BLACKOUT S During the war, everyone had to cover their windows and doors before sunset with blackout curtains, cardboard or paint. CHILDREN'S DAILY LIFE Children loved going to cinemas. Dancing was one of the most popular hobbies during the war. When war started the family sports had to be canceled. Children went to school but sometimes the schools had to be interrupted because the sirens sounded togo to air raids shelters. They didn't deserved that childhood. SHELTER S As the night raids became so normal, many people had to go to a shelter to be safe. There were different types of shelters. By 1939 millions of shelters had been put up in gardens. EVACUATION Evacuation means to leave a place. During WWII manychildren and families had to be moved temporally from their homes "to safer places". WWII ended in September 1945 but evacuation did not officially end until March 1946 CHANGES IN LIFESTYLE During the war, life changed for everyone, it was a time of family separation. You went to different shops for different items that was Food rationing and it began in 1940. This meant each person could buy only a fixed amount of certain foods each week. People had to register for local shops to use their rationing books. WORLD WAR II ENDED WWII ended on 8 May, 1945. Germany's surrended. A week later Adolf Hitler commited suicide. Japan did not surrender at the same time as Germany. It was able to hold out for another few months. As the night raids became so frequent, many people had to go to a shelter. There were different types of shelters. By 1939 1 million and a half shelters had been put up in gardens. double click to change this title text! CONNECTIONS I associate this with Anne Frank's life. She had to hide from the Nazis as many other families to be safe and not to be sentto a concentration camp. And that was a habbit in that times, to hide, but sometimes you hide and they find you. And they can kill you.
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