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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 July 28, 1914Austria Hungary AH declared war on Serbia because they assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Leaders; Archduke Franz Ferdinand then Franz Joseph I (Austria-Hungary) Alexander I (Serbia) World War I July 31, 1914 Russia They had a alliance with Serbia and they announced that their army was in mobilization.Leader; Czar Nicholas II August 1, 1914 Germany They had a alliance with Austria Hungary and Italy and since Russia had their army in mobilizationGermany considered that as an act of war.Leader; Kaiser Wilhelm II August 3, 1914 FranceThey had an Triple Entente with Russia and Great Britainthen Germany and France ended up declaring war on each otherwhich then led to Germany going through Belgium to get to Paris.Leader; Premier Georges Clemenceau August 4, 1914 Great Britain They had an Triple Entente with Russia and France and they had to defend neutral Belgium from Germany due totheir 75 year old treaty.Leader; Prime Minister David Lloyd George August 13, 1914 JapanThey joined because they had a military agreement with Great Britain.Leader; Okuma Shigenobu November 2, 1914 Ottoman EmpireGermany and Turkey secretly made a alliance becausethey wanted a strong power to protect them self from any future losssince they lost most of their territory in the First Balkan War.Leader; Mustafa Kemal Pasha October 14, 1915 BulgariaThey had been pressured into the war by Germany telling them to aid with the war effort.Leader; Prime Minister of Vasil Radoslavov May 23, 1915Italy They were originally allied with Germany and Austria hungry their alliance treaty was only if they were fighting a defensive war and according to Italy it was offensive war making them go in favor of Serbia.Leader; Vittorio Orlando April 6, 1917 USAThey were neutral at first but they were sending suppliessecretly to their alliance(Great Britain) over seas, but later Germany's unrestricted submarine warfare blew up one of the passenger's ship which held supplies for the warso this led USA to joining the war and fighting independently.Leader; President Woodrow Wilson April 1916 RomaniaThey joined because they had been on odds with Austria Hungarydue to their territory was Romania's but part of AH so Romania thought if they joined the war they can have their territory expanded.Leader; Alexandru Averescu July 2, 1917GreeceThey joined with the Allied powers due to their recent battle with Bulgaria.Leader; Eleftherios Venizelos October 26, 1917BrazilThey made a constitution saying they are free from warlike ambitions after Germany sunk there Brazilian merchant ship but few months later they wanted to amend the constitution so they can be able to declare warLeader; Venceslau Bras
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