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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 WORLD WAR 2 BY: JUSTINA, ALEXIA & SOFIA T PROTECTION WHO WERE INVOLVED? THE NEUTRAL DIDN'T WANT TO GET INVOLVED SO THEY STAYED A SIDE. THE AXIS WERE THE ONES WHO FOLLOWED GERMANY'S LEADER: HITLER, THEY WANTED TO GAIN TERRITORY. BLACKOUTS GAS MASKS SHELTERS AIR RAID SIRENS Anderson THE ALLIED POWERS FOUGHT AGAINST THE AXIS WANTING THE WAR TO END. AXIS ALLIED WW2 was a very tragic war that involved many of the most powerful countries in the world. It started the 3rd of September, 1939 NEUTRAL Morrison Air Raid RATIONING FOOD CLOTHING PETROL & FURNITURE Food was rationed through ration books, which gave them permissionto eat a certain amount of food. Clothing was rationed through coupons of different colors. Eachclothing had a different value of coupons.They could only use one color at a time. ENTERTAINMENT RADIO CINEMA BOARD GAMES TELEVISION SPORTS MUSIC We could connect Anne Frank with WW2 because she sufferedthe same discrimination as all the Jewish children. She had to live hiding from other people because of the Nazis who caused WW2. Her childhood changed completely, same as for every Jewish family or child. They had to protect themselves in the same way,blackouts, shelters, gas masks. The Jewish had to adapt themselves to what was happening in the outer world. We could connect Number the Stars with WW2 because some of the characters of this story were members of the Dutch Resistance,a group of people that fought against the treatment of the Jews. Inthe book you could see how they sacrificed their life for what they thought was right and fair. Although they both have the same topic(WW2) they story is told by someone else's point of view, a child'spoint of view. CHILDREN & FAMILIES CHILDREN & FAMILIES FAMILIES were separated because men would goto fight and women would got o work! Children had to take care of themselves It was a time of family loss or separation Children went to school but most of them left when they were 14 They suffered discrimination and grew up during horrible times, kids didn't have a good childhood THE END WW2 ended on the 8th of May when the Axis surrendered; week after Adolf Hitler had commited suicide. This daywas called VE day, victory in Europe.
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