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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 World War 1 Causes Alliances Causes?- Predominately long term- Alliances were formed from the first alliance of the Three Emperors' League in 1873 to the Triple Entente in 1914.- The time between the first alliance and the last extends to 41 years. Nationalism Why? - France felt they could win wars simply because theywere French and it was in their blood to conquer and win.- Germany felt they could become a world power and challenged established countries like France and England in the fight to gain African land.- These three countries were essential to the start of WW1 - They were allied with many countriesand one spark could ignite the "fire" to cause an international war Fact: - The assassination ofFranz Ferdinandoccurred on Serbia'sNational Day (June 28) By a Serbian nationalist. Crises - Over 100 countries participated in the war- That number would have been drastically lower had alliances not been made- The damage after the war affected the entire world in terms of economics, living condition, and deaths - In 1905, Morocco was one of few African statesnot to be controlled by aEuropean country- France and Britain both wanted control over Morocco- France and Britain eventually madean agreement over Morocco- Germany wanted to test this agreement and promised Morocco independence- Germany eventually backed down after Britainthreatened to involve their troops - On June 28 1914, the Archduke of Austria-Hungary Franz Ferdinand was assassinated- Cause of death was the pull of a trigger, much like how the assassination triggered the start of World War 1 Militarism - Britain and Germany were in a naval arms race to see who could become ruler of the sea- Britain eventually came up with the idea to buildthe Dreadnought- In the end, Britain won the arms race, but itcame with a cost in fundsand it increased tensionsbetween Germany and Britain -Germany felt they could only become a world power throughwar- The safest way to win a waris to be the best in a certain field- Germany took the approachto try to challenge Britain (who were well known for their naval power) for control of the sea Imperialism Top 2 Nationalistic Countries in World War 1 - Britain had control over parts of 5 continents- Both France and Britain had control over many areas of Africa - France and Britain were gaining plenty economically from resources located inthe African lands owned by Britain and France - Germany felt that Britain and Francewere trying to hurt her economically- Germany jumpedin to gain Africanland late, and it resulted in a lot of arguments between the two countries Joshua Keogh - World War 1 Causes
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